Days after waiting
Thursday, September 19, 2013 | 6:26 AM | 0 Dreamer(s)

                            Hey :)

Let's start with....

               Trial. I'm proud of meself after boosting meself to get through the trial. But as much happy as I am passing this stage, I am not really proud about it even though I did the very best. I know my results will disappoints my parents. I even cried after receiving my math paper. i'm not that good with numbers. I'm so nervous for history paper. well I hope the third paper will help to boost my marks! other paper, no story. normal marks but still i'm ............ don't want to talk about it.

             It's September! My second fav month of the year! Last Wednesday on 18th of September 2013, me meself and I turned 17 years old. Everybody wished me and I felt really blessed for having them a part of my life. well lets get to the point where I am still waiting for that special someone to wish me or even says a letter to me that would make my month hmm. never mind okkkkkk. Charlie gave me birthday candy from Sticky :) Jinut gave me chocolate! Mahboobeh gave me a very meaningful birthday card and a key chain. Others wishes me and sang birthday song to me.

Speaking about birthday, I was so stupid to even realized that it was my birthday. Maybe because I don't feel any special at all. I was fooled. by the incredible actresses! my cousins and my aunt planned the whole thing. of course I felt suspicious because usually I drove to my aunt's canteen where I usually help her after school. She told me not to and strictly wanted to pick me up from home. I agreed without any doubts. At the canteen, they were cooking for my surprise birthday party which they said to me me it is for some mosque occasion. I got a big cake! seriously a big American Chocolate Cream Cake! I can't never thank my family enough. I was fooled twice, The first one is when I turned 16.

                  What else. I have no idea. Bye for now \m/