Brain review : The Society
Sunday, February 2, 2014 | 7:44 AM | 0 Dreamer(s)

I am not sure if anybody would like who I am at the very first moment they met me.
At some point in life, you will always have the highest anxiety and the lowest confidence at the very same time, right?
Well, that same point in my life, would be; when I meet a person for the first time or; when people criticised my personality or my looks or my body parts or anything that involves me.

Sometimes, I've always wonder why the idea of criticising and comparing exist?
Do you get what I mean? Not the part where it is needed to determine intelligence or for other some logical general reasons. I am obviously talking about one of the 'characteristics' that the 'society' has.
I hate talking about this but I've kept so many thoughts about it and it is driving me nuts.
Dumb-fuck-go to hell-society!
This is related to the upcoming spm result of mine. I am already mad and nervous and anxious and mentally dying waiting. Nobody loves to wait. I know that because I hate to wait and not even saint people around me does too. And.. because I knew I will not pass in flying colours but I could only hope for the best. Trust me everybody has their own sense of future. I have. At the end, all I could give back to society is a zero fucks. yes, who cares what people thinks. Success isn't just determined by comparing or looking at your master phD degree certificate or your job or your working position. Being successful is also involving having survival skills and self-independent. If you have a phD certificate but you don't know how to lights up the fire during the heavy winter when you get lost inside a thick woods is that thick framed paper is that even worthy don't you think? But hey who doesn't want to further their studies until phD level and gain loads of new knowledge at the same time. Oh I wish. What I am trying to say is that not all people can succeed in the same way or be in the same road to success, some manage to climb the top well enough, but some have to fix their broken safety belt first or some have to figure out the correct path to reach the top safe and sound.
Fuck please don't even think to even judge me by this random sticking thoughts for months already okay.